A tour of fellrunning’s roots

August Bank Holiday weekend often feels like an apex in the year, with a full summer of activity behind you and the first hint of autumnal chill and “back to school” vibes just ahead. A time to make the most of whatever it is you’re in to.

Appropriately enough, many of fellrunning’s most celebrated races often take place at this time of year. This year, 3 of them were packed into 4 days – at Burnsall, Grasmere and Kilnsey. So, I chose to take a tour of them, both as runner and spectator.

The 3 share a lot in common. All have their roots in the 19th century, and are the highlight of a bigger country show – part challenge, part spectacle. All are short dashes of not much more than a mile – straight up to a flag and back. And all involve more than simply climbing up and running back down – there’s a daredevil element to all 3 descents, where agility and courage count as much as fitness.

Sat 25 August – Burnsall Classic

I’ve blogged before about this great event, so not much more to add except that this year was blessed with finer weather and larger crowds than of late. All of which added to the enjoyment of the race – I took a couple of minutes off my time from last year, and (in a different universe) Vic Wilkinson broke the 35-year old Ladies’ record. Thanks as always to everyone who took and shared photos – some particularly good ones from Kieren Johnson Photography of the famous wall crossing, although most of us probably didn’t manage it quite as athletically as this:

kieren johnson - burnsall wall crossing 2018

Sun 26 August – Grasmere Senior Guides Race

Legs not too sore the following morning, so I headed up to the Lakes for my first crack at this prestigious race. Conditions could not be more different from the day before, but while it was a bit of a washout for spectators, the rain made for a particularly memorable descent. Bum-sliding proved to be the quickest way of getting down much of the steep slippery grass. And nearer the finish, I finally gave up on my misted-up specs, and was grateful to still be clutching them on the run-in. I was willing to let go of them as I crossed the line though (thanks to the Woodentops for capturing this moment):


Tues 28 August – Kilnsey Show Fell Race

Two races in two days was enough for me, so I wasn’t tempted to race on Tuesday. Anyway, I like to have a look at a course before I run it, particularly one with as fearsome a reputation as Kilnsey (which I’d not seen before). I was grateful to be so cautious. One look at its notorious “Chimney” convinced me that I was happy to leave it to braver runners, who negotiate the near-vertical 100-ft limestone channel by clinging on to the fence and with the help of a specially-placed rope:


Runners’ view of The Chimney from above…


…and looking up.

Good for them. I was just glad to film the whole spectacle as best I could:

Well, that well and truly scratched the fellrunning itch for one Bank Holiday weekend. But it was great to be reminded that runners have been tackling these routes for 150 years or more, and that this is where the origins of our sport truly lie.