Woodhouse Ridge maprun

Here’s a new virtual racing idea for Leeds runners to try out. It’s a 4km circuit of Woodhouse Ridge and Sugarwell Hill, using a free app called MapRunF. You can run it at any time, and there are route options on different surfaces as you prefer. Once finished, your time gets uploaded to a results page, so you can see how you got on straight away.

To access the event, download the app to your phone and, once registered, go to Select Event > UK > Aire Valley > Valley Striders > Woodhouse Ridge Maprun. Info on how to get and use the app can be found on the Maprunners website

The Start (and Finish) point is the pelican crossing on Meanwood Road close to the junction with Buslingthorpe Lane. When you are ready to set off, press “Go to Start”, and shortly afterwards your phone should beep and the clock start ticking. You then have 3 “virtual checkpoints” to visit, in the following order:

1: Junction of Wood Lane and Shire Oak Road
2: Pelican crossing on Meanwood Road, close to junction with Boothroyd Drive
3: Stile at entrance to Sugarwell Hill, at the end of Sugarwell Mount

As you run through each checkpoint you should hear your phone beep (it can help if you turn the media volume on your phone up before setting off).

Once through the 3 checkpoints, you need to return to the starting point, where your phone should beep a final time and stop the clock. If your phone is connected to the internet, your time should be uploaded automatically to the results page. If not, you can use the Upload (Manual) function when you have a connection.

The route you take is up to you. There are both muddy-trail and firmer-underfoot options available, so select your footwear accordingly. You might want to recce your different options in advance.

Obviously, please take care when crossing roads (the pelicans on Meanwood Road have been used as checkpoints for good reason!).

The route is summarised on the map below. Happy maprunning!

3 thoughts on “Woodhouse Ridge maprun

  1. Hi Dave Well done for flying around the Colton Long course! There is a 60 min Score event set up in Garforth for MapRun – yiu can access it via UK/Aire Valley? Garforth Start Anywhere.
    Another matter – I’m sure that trig point at Barnbow Wood still exists – it’s in a field about 100m north of the wood.


    • Thanks Gerry – re the trig I was going on the latest comments on the Trigpointing site…. but it may be worth going trig-hunting again to double check! Thanks for mentioning the Garforth course. Maprun has been a good discovery for me over the last few months – I normally do lots of fell races but obv. not this year. The Woodhouse Ridge course seems to work OK and I’m hoping in the new year we can come up with a slightly more ambitious circuit. Thanks for visiting the blog.


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