Campaign Update

Just to report progress with the “Keep Meanwood Valley Special” campaign since its launch last week.

The main news is that the campaign has a new website,, where amongst other things you’ll find:

  • advice on how to Object to the Tetley Field planning application
  • a link to Meanwood Fun Day on Bank Holiday Monday where the campaign will have a stall to help people submit their Objections
  • a copy of the campaign poster to download and print (put it up in your window!)

There is also a new Facebook page:

Take a look also at the Objections already submitted to Leeds City Council

The most important thing is to remember to make your Objection if you haven’t already done so! The deadline is 10 June. You can do this either online or by post. At the moment, there are only around 30 Objections listed on the Council’s website – we’re hoping for dozens more (ideally even more than dozens!), so do please Object, and encourage other people you know to do the same.


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