The Hollies in Spring

If you know The Hollies, you don’t need me to tell you that they’re at their best in Spring.

And the good news is they’re just coming into their seasonal colours now. So, make a mental note to visit in the next few weeks.

This afternoon, not for the first time, I found myself wandering round there for 20 minutes or so in no particular direction. It is of course a place of numerous paths and stone stairways, all worth following for their own sake just to see what’s round the corner. And it’s usually a pleasant surprise – some exotic flowering shrub of whatever colour, a bubbling channel of water, or a view through the trees and down to the beck.

It’s quite something to think that this hillside was an active quarry in the 19th Century. But it’s nice to know how, over time, an abandoned site of industry can be transformed into such natural beauty.

A hidden gem – one of the real highlights of the Meanwood Valley.


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