First day of spring?

It certainly felt like it earlier this morning on a round of one of my favourite local circuits.

Started from the mini roundabout on Tongue Lane, then around the Woodleas path to the cricket pitch on Parkside Road. The daffs are out which added to this always picturesque scene:

DSC02342Then down through the woods to the beck. This stretch of the woods is one of my favourites – wooded definitely, but very open and light. A great place to bring the kids who can run wild but never got lost:

DSC02343Across the beck by the weir. I’ve always rather liked the way the curved branch of the tree in the foreground frames the scene (an effect only visible during the winter months): DSC02349From here I chose to follow the beck to Weetwood Mill Lane, then up the lane, left down the footpath near the top and across Tetley Field to the duckpond. Having walked through woodland since the cricket pitch, I was once again struck by the contrast of a wide open space, an effect I hope illustrated by this photograph:

DSC02357Finally, through the park and home via the shops. Looking forward to a few more rounds like this in the summer months of 2016!


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